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Nina Hepburn's captivating style takes her audience on an extraordinary journey, refusing to be bound by any particular genre. Drawing from various facets of melodic house, trance and techno, she blends in interesting chord progressions, intricate drum patterns, elements of acid to create a unique sound that engages in a continuous dialogue between tracks, resulting in a flowing tapestry of blended beats, sounds, and melodies. Her ability to harmonize and communicate between individual tracks creates new energies, appealing to a wide audience, even those who aren't typically drawn to club music.


Her love for complex yet cheerful sounds is always evident, with an energetic, euphoric, and lively pulsation. This is apparent not just in her sets but also in her own productions. In 2019, she released her first remix, followed by her first EP in 2022 on Mono.Noise. Her track "Tranceponder" made it to the Top 10 of the Melodic Techno Charts on Beatport, attracting the interest of international artists, including Avidus, for whom she recently produced a remix.


Nina Hepburn's significant sound has made her a regular guest at national and international festivals, where her captivating style and innovative approach to music have garnered her a growing fan base and industry recognition. As her career continues to flourish, it'll be exciting to see how Nina Hepburn's music evolves and impacts the industry.


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