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sets are like a walk through a gallery, in which the colorful works of an artist who is as fun-loving as she is hungry, are hanging. She has found her very own visual language, presenting clearly contoured drawings and richly morphing color worlds, along with more abstract motifs that express pure joy and a desire for playfulness. Her expression is always clear, aiming not only to reach the recipient but also to pick them up and carry them into a world where they feel comfortable and live in the moment.

Nina's sets are not a series of individual works; they playfully combine to form a total work of art, corresponding with each other and entering into a dialogue with other tracks. The result is a continuously flowing carpet of rhythms, sounds, and melodies. She can unexpectedly inspire her audience on the spot and emotionally carry them away. The groove and subtle yet powerful pressure are never neglected. With this approach, she appeals to a wide audience, even those who otherwise have little or nothing to do with club music.

Nina Hepburn has been living with and in music since childhood. Her first instrument was the violin, and she got her first experiences with techno at open-air events in Hamburg. Her journey to the decks began with tech house, and she drew inspiration from artists like Maceo Plex, Kölsch, DJ Koze, and Alan Fitzpatrick. As she explored the more melodic facets of club music, she found her personal favorite sound that deeply moves her. She prefers to play very long sets, taking the audience on a special journey through a wide range of house and techno. Her preference for complex but joyful sounds is always recognizable, creating an energetic, euphoric, and lively atmosphere.

This signature sound is also evident in her own productions. In 2019, she released her first remix, followed by her first EP in 2022 on Mono.Noise. Her track "Tranceponder" made it to the Top 10 of the Melodic Techno Charts on Beatport, attracting the interest of international artists, including Avidus, for whom she recently produced a remix.

Nina Hepburn is now a regularly booked guest at national and international festivals, having enchanted crowds at Fusion, Habitat, MS Dockville, Feel, Bucht der Träumer, Deichbrand, 3000 Grad, or About You Pangea Festival. Her bookings have taken her to various countries, including Poland, Madeira, Denmark, Thailand, and even Mauritius. Leading techno clubs in Hamburg (Uebel & Gefahrlich, PAL), Berlin (Ritter Butzke, Kater Blau), Munich (Harry Klein), Cologne (Odonien), and Copenhagen (Culture Box) are always delighted to invite her.

“For me, music is like meditation. On the dance floor and in the studio. Most of all I love interacting with the music and the audience to connect in this way. Without speaking to each other.”

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