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T-Shirt "Ninamoon"

35,00 €

The "Ninamoon" T-Shirt, inspired and dedicated to the track release "Ninamoon," takes you into a dreamy world brought to life through the unique atmosphere of the song. Tim Boenecke, the illustrator behind the artwork, has managed to translate the soul and essence of the track into a wearable piece of art. In doing this, Tim not only created a design that captures the dreamy world of "Ninamoon," but also graphically translated specific details that can be perceived audiovisually in the track, integrating them into the T-shirt's artwork. Every detail, every line, and color of the T-shirt serves to transport you into the atmospheric world of the track.


100% Organic Cotton

To promote sustainability and avoid overproduction, the T-shirt is offered exclusively on a made-to-order basis. This means that the T-shirt is specially crafted for you as soon as your order arrives.

Therefore, we ask for your patience, as the delivery time can be up to 2 weeks. We are committed to processing your order as quickly as possible and delivering a product that is absolutely worth the wait! :)

To counteract the inevitable wear and tear of T-shirts, you should definitely wash your printed T-shirts "inside out". This prevents the print from detaching prematurely from the T-shirt or being damaged by friction in the washing machine.

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